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Latitude: 52°8’ 4” N Longitude: 7°41’ 5” E
The modern Airport Munster/ Osnabruck is one out of three international airports in Northrhine-Westfalia, the most populated area in Germany. We are located between Bremen in the North, Hannover east, Dusseldorf south and Amsterdam in the western area. The catchment area counts 7 million residents within an hour circle distance by car. By taking a two hour circle distance around FMO, the catchment area grows up to 17 million residents. Several, long-lasting companies are representatives of this region with the lowest unemployment statistics in Germany.

In 2010, the direct autobahn access one mile away has been finished and in addition several companies are now located at the “Airport Park FMO”.

Munster/ Osnabruck has a huge passenger potential with its strong infrastructure, a new cargo building and a 24 hour operation for all aircraft types of chapter III (bonus).

Airport Checklist

  • CAT III Installation / no weather restrictions
  • 24 / 7 opening hours
  • Smooth customs clearing 24 / 7
  • Availability of slots / short ground time
  • Cost-friendly environment (Airport & Handling)
  • Fast turnaround platform with intermodal capabilities
  • Infrastructure to handle XXL cargo
  • Special facilities for PER / AVI / VAL
  • G round Equipment
  • Short taxitime to runway
  • Dedicated cargo aprons
  • Handling facilities and freight processing warehouse
  • Sufficient market demand
  • Dedicated cargo staff

Airport fakten

07 / 25

Instrument landing system
ILS CAT IIIa (25) / CAT I (07)

Width of runway
45 m


Apron West ASPH, PCN 68/F/BX/T, 30.000m² Apron East CONC, PCN 75/R/B/W/T, 116.000m² ASPH, PCN 75/F/B/W/T, 50.000m²

Operating times
24 hours (chapter III aircraft bonus list) 6am Local until 10pm local (chapter II aircraft and chapter III aircraft without bonus list)

  RWY 25 RWY 07
TORA 2.170 m 2.170 m
TODA 2.230 m 2.230 m
ASDA 2.170 m 2.170 m
LDA 1.970 m 2.170 m

For more Information please download our overview presentation of the airport.