Barrier-free travel from FMO airport

"Relaxation for the passenger" - this motto of Münster/Osnabrück Airport applies especially to its passengers with reduced mobility (PRM persons with reduced mobility). We make sure that people with impairments can start their flight with us stress-free. The terminals are clearly laid out, offer quick orientation and of course have barrier-free toilet facilities. The distances are short. It is only a few meters from the loading and unloading area in front of the terminal to check-in. The check-in counters are located at ground level, while elevators and an escalator lead to the security checkpoint on the second floor. In addition to the barrier-free infrastructure, it is above all our experienced mobility service staff who will be happy to help you and take you safely from check-in to the aircraft.

Before departure

Please inform the airline or, in the case of a package tour, the tour operator or your travel agency of the assistance you require and the degree of your impairment in good time, but no later than 48 hours before your departure. In this way, your assistance at the departure, transfer and destination airports will be automatically initiated.

The following abbreviations are used for the international classification of accessible flying and give you a guide to determine your degree of mobility restriction:

WCHR: You can walk short distances and climb stairs with assistance.
A wheelchair is only needed for longer distances.

WCHS: You can walk short distances but cannot climb stairs.

WCHC: You always need a wheelchair. You cannot walk, cannot climb stairs.

BLND: You are visually impaired or blind.

DEAF: They are deaf or hearing impaired.

BLND-DEAF: They are blind and deaf.

DPNA: They have cognitive limitations and need assistance.

At the airport

We recommend that you bring some time with you. Check-in desks open 2 hours prior to your departure. Please check in directly with the check-in staff so that all necessary assistance can be arranged for you at your leisure. You are definitely in good hands with us!

Flying with a wheelchair

Wheelchairs are generally carried in the cargo hold of the aircraft. Please clarify with our check-in team whether you would like to use your own wheelchair all the way to the aircraft or whether you would like to leave your wheelchair at the bulky baggage counter for loading and use an airport wheelchair until boarding.

If you are taking an electric powered wheelchair, it is imperative that you find out what type of batteries you will need and specify them to the airline when booking your flight. You must secure and disconnect the batteries and insulate the terminals yourself when you check in. The wheelchair may need to be modified or folded so that it can be loaded onto the aircraft.

If you are not bringing your own wheelchair, free loaner wheelchairs are available at FMO. Please register your need with the check-in team!

At the security check

Our aviation security team will take into account at the security check if you are wearing a pacemaker, a prosthesis or a cochlear implant. Please make the aviation security assistants aware of this and have a medical certificate ready. This also applies to taking medication in your hand luggage.

Parking at Münster/Osnabrück Airport

Passengers with limited mobility who are in possession of a severely disabled person's ID card (GdB min. 50 %, characteristic "G" or "aG") can use all parking spaces and parking lots at FMO (except P6) free of charge. Online reservation of a parking space is not possible.

Please pull a parking ticket at the entry barrier upon entry. Before departure or after returning home, please contact our team directly at the Service Point in the departure terminal. There, you will receive a free exit ticket upon presentation of your severely disabled ID and the parking ticket you have taken out. If you would like to park in one of the specially designated parking spaces for severely disabled persons, please place the blue European parking permit visibly in the car.

Do you have any questions? Then contact us! Click here for the contact form.

We wish you a relaxed start from FMO and a pleasant journey!