The largest of the Greek islands invites you: the Mediterranean climate, radiant blue waters and popular Greek cuisine await. Crete is situated approximately 100 kilometres from the Greek mainland and, with an area of 8,260km², is the fifth-largest island in the Mediterranean. Your possibilities for exploring this beautiful spot are correspondingly diverse.

Destination airport: Heraklion (HER)

Crete is home to a particular wealth of historical relics from the distant past just waiting for you to rediscover. These have a tendency to crop up everywhere on the island and amaze visitors. The list of attractions is extensive, but especially spectacular sights include the Arkadi Monastery or the Palace of Knossos. While the Arkadi Monastery is located in the western interior of the island and is best reached by rental car, a visit to the Palace of Knossos can be ideally combined with an excursion to Crete’s capital city, Heraklion. The centre of the city houses the Heraklion Archaeological Museum, where even more Greek historical discoveries will leave you spellbound.

Back in the colourful hustle and bustle of the city - in the here and now - the day is best rounded off in a Greek taverna with a view of the sea, wonderful wines and tasty tapas. The beautiful sunset is included at no extra charge.

Let's face it: if you book a summer holiday in the Greek Islands, you want to soak up the sun and a dose of vitamin D - and you want to do it on one of the beautiful shingle beaches along the island. Although the Greek islands are rather sparsely vegetated due to the hot climate, Vai Beach in the northeast of the island displays a particularly inviting side. It is known for its date palm panorama, covering a total area of 250m². An enticing spot for holidaymakers who want to fill their days with especially exotic flair.

In the east of the island, sheltered from the wind, lies the beach of Myrtos. Fine shingle meets turquoise waters and shallow surf at this beach. Framed by steep walls of rock, the eyes just can't get enough of its beauty - the day by the sea goes by so fast.

A special highlight is located at the western end of the island: Elafonisi Beach. There, pink-tinted sand meets the dazzling turquoise of the sea water. Finely crushed shells, ground together by the current, give this beach its special appearance. The classic rule applies here: the stream of visitors is calmer early in the morning and at sunset. This allows you to enjoy the panorama particularly well. Our tip for camping enthusiasts: very close to the beach are colourful campsites with green areas; particularly suitable for families, these campsites offer great accommodation options as well as pitches for mobile homes.

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