Environmental guidelines

Sustainability at FMO airport

Profitability, compliance with social standards and the protection of our environment are equally important goals for us.
Our central and successful guiding principle "Relaxation for the passenger" can only be a reality if the environment is affected as little as possible, both in our destinations and here in the region. Together with economic activity and compliance with social standards, environmental protection is on an equal footing with the concept of sustainability at Münster/Osnabrück Airport.

1. Central guiding principle

Acting in an environmentally conscious and sustainable manner and using resources sparingly are our most important tasks. We avoid environmental pollution as far as possible and use energy and raw materials as sparingly as possible. All measures and projects are checked and implemented in accordance with our environmental guidelines, also with a view to future generations.

3. A sense of responsibility

The protection of the environment must be taken into account in all decisions within the company. The reduction and careful use of resources, the protection of the natural water cycle, the keeping of the air clean, the avoidance of waste and the use of regenerative energies are a common task of all employees. We support and promote the environmentally conscious actions of all employees.

5. Climate protection

We regularly determine and evaluate our greenhouse gas emissions. FMO has set itself the goal of achieving CO2-neutral operation of the airport by 2030. To this end, we are continuously reducing the resulting emissions using the economic means available to us and the rules applicable according to the state of the art. We will offset emissions that cannot be avoided.

2. Economic action and compliance with social standards.

Compliance with legal requirements, statutory ordinances and environmental regulations is a matter of course for us. We continuously strive to reduce the environmental impact associated with the operation of the airport beyond the legal requirements. FMO is aware of its responsibility for people and the environment.

4. An open dialog with the public

We regularly inform the public about our environmental protection activities. We maintain an open and objective dialog with authorities, residents and the public. We accept their suggestions, questions and criticism and implement joint solutions.