Munster/Osnabruck Airport has offered Frankfurt as a destination for almost 50 years now. Having meanwhile become Germany’s largest airport, Frankfurt is an established transfer destination for many Lufthansa passengers. Departing from Frankfurt Airport, travellers can reach more than 200 destinations within the intercontinental network of Germany’s largest airline. But the city of Frankfurt is most certainly worth visiting, too. Germany’s key financial centre, Frankfurt has myriad faces and boasts exceptional opportunities for exploration on foot. From the financial district, along the river Main to the city’s reconstructed old town. Or perhaps over the Eiserne Steg footbridge to the lookout point of Frankfurt’s famous skyline, then back past the Brickegickel on the Alte Brücke bridge to the Imperial Cathedral of Saint Bartholomew. Off to Frankfurt!

Destination airport: Frankfurt (FRA)

With a population of approximately 760,000, Frankfurt is not only the largest city in the German state of Hesse, but also one of the largest in all of Germany. It is furthermore an international financial centre of pivotal importance, serving as headquarters for both the European Central Bank and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. This city on the river Main is particularly well known for its unique skyline of skyscrapers and the financial district contributing to this skyline. Strolling through the district, the modern skyscrapers appear even larger and more imposing close-up than they do from a distance. Nevertheless, we recommend a trip by bike to the Goethe Tower, located on the other side of the Main. From there you are treated to a divine view of the city’s skyline. Our tip: plan your excursion so as to allow you to reach the tower at sunset. This is a one-of-a-kind scenery in Germany.

A leisurely walk along the banks of the Main is a good idea at any time of day. Upon reaching the Eiserne Steg footbridge, it's best to turn off in the direction of the old town to reach the famous Römer market square. In contrast to the modern and new buildings in the financial district, this square is resplendent with beautifully antiquated half-timbered buildings and the great ornate facades of historic buildings.

We also recommend visiting the Alte Oper concert hall, the Imperial Cathedral of Saint Bartholomew and the Historical Museum of Frankfurt.

One of Frankfurt's most famous structures is the 'Römer' building, a town hall that is many hundreds of years old and remains to this day the seat of the city's mayor.

For those who have had enough of the urban throb and big-city flair, take a bicycle tour of Frankfurt's greenbelt. The greenbelt stretches in a ring around the city centre and invites you to explore the immediate surroundings of Hesse. Just cycle from the city centre towards Ginnheim and then along the river to the spa town of Bad Vilbel. This is a fantastic route for active holidaymakers who also want to explore Frankfurt's surrounding countryside.

While Lufthansa offers several daily flights to Frankfurt, you have the option of planning a daytrip or a trip lasting several days. Especially for those travelling for business, the highly frequented connection is very suitable for attending important meetings and flying back in good time. In addition, it is possible to use Frankfurt Airport as a transfer airport and thus comfortably reach more than 200 other intercontinental destinations. Lufthansa's route network extends via Frankfurt to the whole of Europe, as well as to Asia and to North and South America.

The sight of the city's famous skyline is always fascinating and awakens from afar an enhanced sense of anticipation for a visit.

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