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At the "General Aviation Terminal", a pleasant stay at FMO awaits you as a private and sports pilot. In comfortable VIP rooms and a cozy lounge, you can relax in a quiet atmosphere and enjoy snacks and drinks. The short distances between the runway and the terminal, optimal parking facilities on site and the 24-hour opening hours ensure fast check-in and convenient take-off from FMO.

General Aviation Terminal


  • Opening hours 24/7 
  • Parking facilities in front of the GAT (parking lot P1)
  • 100% security check in the GAT terminal (passenger screening and baggage check)
  • Immigration and customs control directly in the building
  • Runway 07/25
  • 2170 x 45 m
  • Airport elevation 160 ft
  • ILS CAT 1 (07)/ CAT 3a (25)
  • Further data: AIP AD2 EDDG


  • Fully equipped sanitary facilities
  • Crew briefing room
  • Self-briefing flight information, Notams/ MET
  • Fax/telephone service
  • GAT lounge (information at GAT office)
  • Beverage service/ snacks

Contakt General Aviation Terminal (24/7 Service)

Tel: +49 2571 94-3340


Fuel Services General Aviation (24/7 Service)

Tel: +97 150 453 6032