With Hurghada, FMO is offering a real summer holiday gem. The Red Sea’s beaches of fine sand and turquoise waters give holidaymakers a Caribbean vibe - after a flight of as little as around 4 hours from Germany. This coastal resort is perfectly suited for a relaxing holiday: with its diverse hotel complexes complete with myriad activities to keep the whole family entertained, its sprawling beaches and its warm, summery climate, Hurghada’s charms allow anyone a quick escape from everyday life. Book your non-stop flight to Hurghada from FMO now!

Destination airport: Hurghada (HRG)

In order to perfectly prepare you for Hurghada's beach hotspots, allow us to introduce to you the most popular beaches where you can comfortably spend hours in the sun - or simply wade in the shallows and enjoy the moment.
The lagoon town of El Gouna is ideal for a day trip since, in addition to having a gorgeous sandy beach, you can try your hand at a water sports course here. The coast around the town is ideal for kiteboarding or surfboarding with its constant, moderate winds. It's best to enquire about the various options offered by the water sports course providers directly onsite.

In Makadi Bay, a large dose of vitamin D awaits visitors to the sandy beach stretching four kilometres. Our tip: book a beachfront hotel to secure an excellent spot on a well-kept stretch of beach. Looking out from Soma Bay, you are treated with a spellbinding view of the Red Sea’s turquoise waters.

Several kilometres from Hurghada's coast lie the small Giftun Islands, which are quickly reachable by boat and boast beaches that invite you to languidly linger and bathe.

The warm, dry climate provides further incentive to while away relaxing days on Egypt's stunning sandy beaches. Bathe yourself in the warm glow of the sun, then revitalise yourself with a dip in the cool, refreshing waters. Hurghada is located directly on the Red Sea, which is known for its unique and diverse underwater world. Snorkellers and divers often spend their holidays in the area just for this reason - and mostly below the surface of the water. Even absolute beginners have the opportunity to form their first impressions of this mystical underwater world by participating in a guided snorkelling or diving trip. The water conditions are flawless for engaging in such activities.

And bravery is rewarded: the crystal-clear water allows for an expansive view of a multitude of colourful fishes and breathtaking coral reefs. You can especially look forward to catching a glimpse of marine characters such as the clownfish or - with a bit of luck - perhaps even dolphins.

The same rule applies here: enquire about information directly onsite from a provider who offers guided tours. This will allow you to find the best locations for diving or snorkelling tours and become intimately familiar with all facets of Hurghada and the coast around the Red Sea.

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