Munich: Oktoberfest. Hofbräuhaus. Great football. These things immediately spring to mind at the mention of the Bavarian metropolis. But this city, with its more than one million inhabitants, has so much more to offer. After only a 60-minute flight, you will find yourself in one of Germany's largest airports and can look forward to a perfectly organised stay. A short train ride will bring you to the city centre with all the various sights and attractions Munich is so famous for: the Frauenkirche, the city squares Karlsplatz and Marienplatz (the latter of which contains the Old City Hall), Nymphenburg Palace or Olympiapark (Olympic Park). 

Destination Airport: Munich (MUC)

While exploring the city, don't miss the Olympic Park. The grounds are like a city in their own right, and the leisure opportunities are limitless. After the park hosted the 1972 Olympic Games, the city gradually developed the area into a leisure oasis for visitors and residents. Concerts, sporting events and even open-air church services are held there regularly. Beautiful park landscapes adorn the entire area, which even invites you to go skiing or snowboarding in winter; the Olympic Lake is also a very inviting spot to linger.

The absolute highlight, however, is the Olympiaturm (Olympic Tower). The approximately 290-metre-high television tower dominates as the park's landmark and is home to the Munich Rockmuseum - 200 metres above the ground. Slightly below the museum is a viewing platform, from which you not only have a view over the entire city of Munich (if visibility is good) but can also make out the Alps on the horizon. A wee tip: plan an evening visit to the platform so you can admire a stunning sunset over the city.

Not far from Munich lies the picturesque Lake Starnberg. This is our top tip for an excursion during your Bavaria trip. From Munich, you can reach the town of Starnberg in just 30 minutes (either by train or by car). Drive the length of the lake and stop at the many castles along the way. Andechs Abbey lies to the west of Lake Starnberg, near Lake Ammersee, and is visited by many people as an important place of pilgrimage. Those who make a trip to the Roseninsel (Rose Island), which can be reached by ferry, are rewarded during the summer months with a gorgeous view of a veritable sea of flowers.

For those who prefer something a little more active, there are plenty of boat rental enterprises along the shores of the coastal towns. Rent a canoe and explore the lake from the water. The many hiking and trekking routes in the area are another real highlight. Whether you do it on foot or with a mountain bike - just make sure to explore the majesty of the Upper Bavarian region.