Experience the multifaceted Balkan region and travel to Pristina this year! Use the capital of the Republic of Kosovo as a starting point for your Balkan adventure. The city gives you a first insight into the multicultural nature of this small country: mountainous landscapes, extraordinary buildings established during the times of the Ottoman Empire and pretty little alleys exhibit the originality of this region. With an area of almost 11,000km², there’s a lot to explore. Besides Pristina itself, the town of Prizren in the south is also well worth a visit. The region around Peja, the Đerdap National Park along the Danube River or the mountainous landscape of the Rugova Canyon are ideal destinations for active holidaymakers.

Destination airport: Pristina (PRN)

Away from the metropolis of Pristina, there are a wealth of exciting regions to discover in the Republic of Kosovo. For example, a trip to Prizren is very worthwhile! Situated in the middle of a mountainous landscape, this city brings a smile to the face of its visitors: quaint houses with colourful façades, various religious buildings ranging from mosques to Orthodox churches to synagogues and the picturesque Lumbardh River all contribute to the city’s charming aura. One special highlight is the array of small restaurants lining the edges of the riverbed in the middle of the city. Discover cuisine typical of the country while enjoying the view of the urban hustle and bustle.

The west of the Republic of Kosovo is characterised by a mountainous landscape and an impressive biodiversity. Accordingly, most of this region is designated as a nature reserve. In the middle of the region lies the Mirusha Canyon, which was formed by the river bearing the same name. This area is a hiker’s heaven - get ready to experience an absolutely pristine part of the country. Those who make the trip are additionally rewarded with a spectacular view of the Mirusha Waterfalls. This route showcases more than 15 waterfalls and several small mountain lakes, offering a very pleasing variety along the way.

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