The Greek island of Rhodes is located near the Turkish coast. According to Greek mythology, Zeus once gifted the island to the Greek sun-god Helios, who was depicted looming over the city in the form of the awe-inspiring Colossus of Rhodes statue. Unfortunately, this Wonder of the Ancient World has been lost for many centuries. The 1,400km² island exudes a particularly Greek joie de vivre and is well known as the greenest of the otherwise rather barren islands in the Aegean.

Destination airport: Rhodes (RHO)

The capital city, Rhodes, bears the same name as the island. The medieval walls and the old town centre are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Concerning the city's architecture, a notable feature is the coming together of various building styles, such as ancient-era and Venetian. The city is especially renowned for the port of Mandraki, where the Colossus of Rhodes is said by some to have once been located - though no trace of it has ever been found. Mandraki is just a stone's throw away from the Rhodes Windmills, a very popular attraction among avid photographers.

Another area for which Rhodes is famous is the archaeological site Lindos. Typical of the Greek Islands, you will find a great number of white houses here, which - along with their gaily coloured window shutters - brighten up the whole area. You'll also find twisty little alleys and lots of tavernas inviting you to relax and linger a while. These offer a magnificent view of the sea and are superb for just sitting and soaking up the atmosphere. Equally inviting are the rooftop terraces, where you will find numerous bars and other places to pause for refreshment. An absolute highlight in Lindos is the ascent up the cliff, atop which the acropolis extends. While the acropolis itself is particularly captivating - what an absolutely stunning view. From here you can enjoy a panorama of the whole island.

The island's flora and fauna are also well worth seeing. Of all the Aegean Islands, none is as colourful as Rhodes. One great destination for a closer look at the island's natural beauty is the Valley of the Butterflies. Here you can expect exactly what the name promises. You’ve never seen so many butterflies in one place. A visit to the Valley of the Butterflies is especially recommended in July and August.

Another spectacular natural attraction is the Valley of the Seven Springs. The springs are surrounded by forest. The rippling water in combination with the climate there makes for a wonderful way to cool down and relax when the weather is particularly warm.

But Rhodes is not only an ideal holiday destination for relaxation. Active holidaymakers and those craving a party will also get their money's worth here. The seaside resort Faliraki is a particularly well-renowned destination for visitors with such agendas. Be sure to visit the long, sandy beach stretching five kilometres, with several water sports options such as diving also on offer. In addition, there is a water park and several places to pause for refreshment. If you're someone who loves going out and being part of the action, this is the place to be.