• Baggage

Baggage conditions

Hand luggage and baggage allowance: Please find out about baggage conditions from your travel agency or directly from the respective airline before embarking on your journey.

Excess baggage: Baggage exceeding the weight limit as well as special baggage (e.g. bicycles, surf boards, ski and golf equipment) can be checked-in at the bulky luggage desk for an additional fee.

Security information

Please do not leave your hand luggage and travelling baggage unattended in the Terminal at any time! No pointed or dangerous objects, e.g. pocket knifes or scissors etc., are allowed in the hand luggage under any circumstances! Only fluids in containers up to 100 ml are allowed to be transported in the hand luggage. All containers must be packed in a re-closable 1-litre bag and be presented separately from the hand luggage at the security check. The bag has to be completely closed. Only one bag per passenger is allowed. Lists of forbidden objects can be checked at the airport information or at www.LBA.de.

Information concerning customs regulations:
Up-to-date information is to be found at www.zoll.de.

In the case of any questions or ambiguities, please do not hesitate to contact our airport employees.