• Check-in


Please arrive punctually at the check-in counter so that you have checked in and are in possession of your boarding card, at the latest, by the time the counter closes. Check-in counters open two hours prior to departure (for flights with Lufthansa please arrive 90 minutes prior departure).

Generally speaking, the following closing times apply:
Check-in for scheduled flights: 30 minutes prior to departure (Economy & Business)
Check-in for passengers on holiday flights: 45 minutes prior to departure

Please pay attention to the varying closing times for check in.

Evening before check-in:

Our service for all passengers flying on holiday the next day with Lufthansa (for connecting flights within the next 23 hours):
From 06:00pm to 08:00pm on the evening prior to travel, it is possible to check-in at the specially marked desks in the terminal. On presentation of personal identification and travel documents, you will be given your boarding card and can hand over your luggage. This enables you to save waiting time at check-in on the day of travel, your seats in the plane are already reserved and you also avoid any time-consuming carrying around of cases on the day of travel.  You can arrive at the airport – in a relaxed state! – up to 60 minutes prior to departure and then go directly through the security control to the departure lounge.


Online Check In - the convenient way of checking in: Please find the respective link for your operating airline below.