• Event rooms


Hold your conferences in an international atmosphere: Make use of our professional service for your conference, congress or office meeting. We can offer four conference rooms as well as offices of varying sizes and different levels of equipment. 

Conference room up to 120 persons428,40 € (360,00 € plus 68,40 € VAT)
Conference room up to 60 persons368,90 € (310,00 € plus 58,90 € VAT)
Conference room up to 30 persons249,90 € (210,00 € plus 39,90 € VAT)
Conference room up to 15 persons154,70 € (130,00 € plus 24,70 € VAT)
Office room up to 6 persons*142,80 € (120,00 € plus 22,80 € VAT)

*Please notice that our offer for the office rooms can be made daily as well as hourly for a fee of 35,70 Euro (30,00 Euro plus 5,70 Euro VAT) per hour. 

Please refer to our brochure to find out about conditions and availability of the rooms. 

Further you have the opportunity to add the services of our caterer (Fenderl Catering). Please contact the banquet manager for any wishes. +49 251 2373 925 Mail: anfragen@fenderl.eu 

Of course you are also welcome to contact us by telephone under +49 2571 94-1515 or send us an email at empfang@fmo.de