Allow us to present our non-stop destination Kos, the Greek island in the east of the Aegean Sea. Less than five kilometres from the Turkish port city of Bodrum, right at the entrance to the Gulf of Gökova, this charming island's special hospitality invites you to while away the relaxing days with its particularly warm climate and plenty of sun. Kos has been served by flights from FMO for many years and is extremely popular with a wide variety of holidaymakers. And here we show you why, by sharing some of the many highlights.

Destination airport: Kos (KGS)

Small island - long beaches. A holiday in Greece is only truly successful if you return home well rested and tanned. The many sandy and pebbled beaches of Kos are ideal for this - and the choices are (almost) limitless.
If you like your beaches small and intimate, the Agios Theologos bays are highly recommended. Nestled picturesquely between rocky coasts, they offer every visitor a sliver of privacy to loll in the sun undisturbed.

Similarly private - almost secluded, even - is the Paralia Paradisos beach in the southwest of the island. The lack of direct access by car is one reason for its near seclusion; the final stretch has to be navigated on foot. But it’s worth the walk - as the name suggests, the unspoilt beach really is a paradise.

Agios Stefanos beach, also located in the southwest, is a particularly suitable spot to enjoy the sunset. Throughout the day, you are treated to the view of a small rise jutting out of the sea nearby, upon the rocks of which a little white chapel has been built. A spectacular panorama typical of the Greek islands.

Evenings and nights are best spent in Kos Town. The small and idyllic town is located in the northeast, directly on the coast. To form a first impression of this pretty little town, take a leisurely stroll through the old town centre. The harbour, the Statue of Hippocrates, Neratzia Castle, the little alleys of the colourful old town - all within just metres of one another. All around, you will find small boutiques and shopping opportunities beckoning you to linger a while. Whether in the twisty streets of the old town or directly on the coast: numerous restaurants invite you to discover and enjoy an extensive range of Greek culinary delights.

The area around the salt lake near Tigaki is another highlight. In addition to beautiful beach scenery, there is an especially spectacular view over the salt lake in the Alikes National Park, which almost dries up in summer. From Tigaki, you can embark on a hike around the lake, where you can marvel at numerous natural highlights. Outside the summer months, it even serves as a hibernation location for flamingos who have found their second home in the lake. Truly a wonderful sight.